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Visa: Card vs Cash

Client: Visa

Project Title: Card vs Cash


A global leader in the financial services sector, Visa wants to drive awareness and promote card use in place of cash in Japan.


Our job? To create and amplify a video that promotes the security of electronic payments, and demonstrates how consumers can conveniently use cards everywhere and anywhere. In order to engage with millennial audiences, the video will feature a young blogger/influencer as talent.


The social media amplification campaign had two main objectives: to drive views to the video, as well as to drive traffic to Visa AP newsroom landing page.

Since this was a Japanese video, the amplification campaign was also designed to geotarget Japan only. On Youtube, they were amplified as an in-stream ad for three main demographic segments and relevant keywords.

Here is the video:


The first segment targeted males and females aged 18-54 years who have a broad range of interests. The second segment targeted males and females aged 18-64 years, who are “Music Lovers”. The last segment also targeted males and females aged 18-64 years, but with a focus on a larger range of affinity audiences such as “Music Lovers”, “Fashionistas”, Beauty Mavens”, TV Lovers”, “Social Media Enthusiasts”, “Mobile Enthusiasts”, “Movie Lovers”, and more.

While there were no specific social ads amplified on Twitter, since the video featured an influencer as talent in the video, she also tweeted about it.


The video was successful at encouraging millennial consumers to switch to electronic payments. The ads performed well and the highest engagement came from those between the ages of 25-34.

Regarding the targeting parameters, many audiences were initially A/B tested but the highest completion rate was coming from the affinity audience “Music Lovers”. Hence, later in the campaign more budget was eventually allocated for this audience.

Having an influencer also helped boost viewership, as there were close to 18,000 organic views for this video.