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CooperVision Dual Wear

Client: CooperVision

Project Title: Animation video about the revenue potential of dual wear


CooperVision is a professional specialty contact lens provider and one of the APAC market leaders. They focus on their B2B audience of eye care practitioners (ECPs) and help them be more successful in growing their businesses. One of the challenges is that many ECPs do not yet see the additional revenue potential of recommending content lenses on top of spectacles sales. Many think it’s a challenge to convince customers to switch from spectacles to contact lens when it can be simply an add-on based on lifestyle requirements.


To create an animated video to raise awareness about how ECPs can benefit from diversified revenue streams by showing people who wear both spectacles and contact lenses. The two are not competing but complementing their lifestyle.


We created an animated explainer with side-by-side comparison of two eye care practitioners: Eric who sells only spectacles, and Eric who has an idea of upselling contact lenses and even sunglasses to grow his business.


By showing how people use different eyewear for different life situations, we encourage ECPs to consider the long-term revenue potential of offering contact lenses and grow their business with repeat customers.


You can watch the animation here:


The animation will be shown in physical optical stores for customer engagement and used for training ECPs so they can offer a holistic recommendation to their customers.