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Digitising Singapore


Client: Thales

Project Title: Digitising Singapore – Thales at every step of the way


Thales has been providing new technologies for the aerospace, defence, and security and transportation (S&T) industries in Singapore for over 40 years. Through a strategic, long-term approach requiring hard work and collaboration, Thales solutions have digitally transformed Singapore, one decisive moment at a time.


Click2View was tasked with creating a branding video to illustrate Thales’ contribution in digitising Singapore’s aerospace, defence, and S&T sectors. Thales wanted to show how their solutions have transformed the different industries in Singapore.


To capture all the different industries that use Thales’ technology in an engaging manner, we decided to create a lively and fast-paced 90s video.

Interspersed with video clips of Thales’ technology being used, we animated punchy texts to the beat of a dynamic soundtrack. The text describes Thales’ numerous contributions in supporting Singapore’s development through the use of technology and digital solutions.


Check out the video now.


The video was posted on Thales’ YouTube channel and received more than a thousand views.