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Customising a webinar for Google

Client: Google

Project Title: Android 11 Labs Webinar by Google


Google is a multinational tech giant whose name is synonymous with search engine services. A Big 4 technology company that specialises in Internet-related services and products, Google also leads the development of the Android mobile operating system.


Tech giant Google approached us in early 2020 to help them host a two-day webinar for their Android developers who needed to get their apps ready for the Android 11 launch. They required our assistance with the technical equipment, as well as to oversee the actual live streaming of the event. Participants would be dialling in from India and Singapore, and the event was to be hosted on Google’s platform Gather.


Our goal was to help Google manage the entire event from start to finish, as both a creative and technical partner. We started out by developing a technical flow chart that detailed all the inputs and outputs of the speakers’ video and audio.

We then designed the aesthetic of the webinar, creating a custom branded slide deck that would allow a smooth visual transition of speakers. On top of that, we consulted with the presenters and offered them creative feedback on their background and video setup.

A day before the event, our team worked with the speakers to rehearse their presentation flow, and drafted up a command document to prompt them during the live webinar so they would know their cues.

During the livestream itself, our technical crew were on hand to control the stream through a broadcasting software and troubleshoot any technical problems that arose.

After the event, we also offered a “post-mortem” session with Google to evaluate what went well and what could be improved on.


The webinar was a huge success. Both sessions went smoothly, including our team’s management of the real-time Q&A segments. The custom designed slides accurately captured Google’s branding and were well-received by the audience.