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Google digitising SMEs in Singapore

Client: Google

Project Title: Go Global / Go Digital Case Study videos


Go Global is Google’s initiative to help small and medium-sized businesses in Singapore develop digital capabilities with a comprehensive range of resources and tools for the exploration of new markets through the web. Through workshops, expert advice and services, SMEs are connected to the industry partner that will help them nurture a strong digital infrastructure.


Google engaged Click2View to create a series of case study videos to showcase how local businesses found regional and global success through digital transformation and online advertising.


A documentary filmmaking approach was taken to showcase how Google is digitising SMEs in Singapore. We started each case study with research and pre-interviews which helped us to understand each business’s background and identify the backbone of their story. We then proceeded with scriptwriting and storyboarding to ensure the videos were aligned with Google brand guidelines. Filming and editing focused on showcasing the main character of an entrepreneur and his passion first and then explaining how Google became a trusted technology partner to help overcome marketing challenges and grow their business online.

Check out the videos:


The videos were successfully used to inspire more local SMEs to seek digital marketing assistance from Google. The digital transformation story of multi-generational Hai Sia Seafood was featured by Google as one of their global success stories.