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GroupM: Recruiting talent through Animation

Client: GroupM

Project Title: Apurva loves Excel spreadsheets… it’s true!


GroupM is a global media investment management group that also includes businesses Xaxis and MediaCom.



How do you convince talent that data is cool? That was basically the question on our minds when Click2View first received the brief. We were to come up with a series of videos that would drive up the recruitment of talent in the data and analytics field.

GroupM Asia Pacific Talent Hub came to Click2View after a series of videos they commissioned in 2015 were thought to be uninspiring, so it was essentially our challenge to bring out the fun in data. Yes, it is a daunting challenge indeed.

But Click2View are not one to shy away from challenges. In fact, we thrive on them.



Across the three businesses within GroupM, which included Xaxis and MediaCom, there were varied personalities, interests and job roles. Of course, people working in data might not exactly be used to speaking to the camera. We also had to ensure that these videos had a common aesthetic so that the different videos didn’t feel too disjointed.

The solution? To record soundbites from employees of the different teams so that they didn’t face pressure in front of the camera and clam up. Click2View also wanted to extract the most out of their personalities – and know all about their work life as well as their interests outside of work. Furthermore, watching employees drone on in front of the camera is certainly not going to drive many to apply for jobs at the company.

So during post-production, we overlaid the soundbites with motion typography and infused Click2View’s trademark humour and intelligence. The combination of the two really exemplified the experience of working at these businesses. More importantly, the roles of the job were made clear with the aid of visuals. Key words were made to stand out with the use of colour and bigger-sized fonts.




Click2View’s creative decision to focus on the visual experience lessened the burden of the viewer to pay attention to each and every word the interview subject is saying. The visuals here are arresting and captivating – and we dare you to take your eyes off them.



To add value to the project, Click2View also made cute, shareable gifs that further reinforced just who GroupM was looking for – data lovers who also like solving problems. These were shared on GroupM’s social media channels like Twitter, where gifs are popular.

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