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Cisco Annual Security Report instavideos

Client: Cisco

Project Title: Cisco Annual Security Report


Cisco is a leading security organisation in Singapore that develops and delivers multi-disciplinary security services.



Getting people to go to a website and download a company’s 60-page Annual Security Report is a tough ask. That was the challenge that was given to Click2View by Cisco, an undisputed leader in cybersecurity.



Essentially, Cisco wanted to generate leads in its key markets through registered downloads of the security report. So Click2View had to try and bridge the gap – as not many are naturally willing to download such a report that is usually filled with industry insights and trends.




How do we bridge that gap? The answer was going where consumers already are.



In this case, Cisco’s Instagram already had a sizeable following of almost 70,000. When Cisco posts original content that is aimed at insiders – people who are already in the know about technology and security – the posts get a lot of engagement.



Knowing that, Click2View realised the potential of reaching these prospective clients by creating original content for Instagram. Click2View then extracted the top thirty most surprising, interesting, or provocative stats and statements from the security report.



These facts were presented in a fun, unique, animated format that followers of Cisco Security’s Instagram are already known for. Click2View chose to do short “instavideos” as videos often encourage more engagement and activity than still photos.


We then added in a call to action so that people who view these Instagram videos and want more of these interesting facts can go ahead and download the security report. These videos were also translated into five key market languages including Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and French.




These videos were very successful and had over 15,000 social actions on Twitter. The Instavideos also received a 23 per cent engagement rate.



Of course, our client Cisco were very happy with the result. The company’s digital marketing manager Noor Boulos said: “For paid campaigns, we had 381 form fills using some aspect of the Instavideos (whether the videos or stills from the videos) as compared to 172 from all the other paid campaigns (Enterprise Networks, Collaboration) combined. That’s huge!”