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Cisco and the Prairie Dogs Animation

Client: Cisco USA

Project Title: Defending The Burrow


One of our major clients is Cisco, the world’s premier cybersecurity brand. For the past two years, we have created a stream of content with the goal of making the complex world of cybersecurity seem less daunting (and fun to learn about) for their audience.


For this brief, Cisco engaged Click2View to help tackle a content challenge they were facing: How do we teach our audience how our multi-tiered eco-system of security products can help them and aid their companies against cyber-attacks?


As content creators, the challenge we faced was the matter of communicating complex terms and information to the everyday consumer, who might not be well versed in cybersecurity.

Our research led us to use animation, which is a tool we often use for clients to communicate complex ideas via a fun medium.

We created a three-episode cartoon animation as well as an e-book series, called Defending the Burrow.

The premise was a prairie dog’s burrow that was under attack. The animation showed how the dogs protect their underground home before, during and after an attack.

Check out the videos:


The cartoon content hit the awareness goals and drove traffic to a designated landing page. We also wrote a two-part guide to cybersecurity as a gated content to generate qualified leads.

We also work with Cisco providing editorial content for their Asia Pacific news portal about cybersecurity. Articles include features on the Internet of Thingsspywareransomware, and cybersecurity for financial services and the public sector. Our favourite thus far is the feature on the Internet of Things (IoT) titled “The rise of the IoT botnet”.