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Simon Kearney

The big boss. After over 25 years working in media, from running the newsroom of...

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Artur Akhmetzyanov
Partner, Head of Animation

A trained diplomat with a masters’ in international business, Artur decided to answer his true...

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Allison Hoon
Chief Financial Officer

With over 20 years of experience in Operations in the financial industry, Allison — affectionately...

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Kartini Deffahry
Chief of Staff

A wearer of many hats, Chief of Staff Kartini is the glue that holds Click2View...

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Erik Magelssen
Senior Content Director

Coming from a background running his own company as a photographer in Los Angeles, Erik...

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David Austin
Editorial Content Director, Head of Editorial

After working as a producer and editor at CNBC, BBC and Zee TV, David is...

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Michelle Cheong
Editorial Content Director

An editorial content director by day and butler to two cats by night, Michelle leads...

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Tim (1)
Tim Colman
Editorial Content Director

After a successful run as a Sydney Morning Herald print columnist, Tim transitioned into content...

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Alex Chua
Content Director, Head of Live

Motion graphics artist, video editor, director — it’s no surprise how Alex has built our...

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Chrissa Mahtani
Content Director, Digital Strategy & Analytics

Skilled and experienced in integrated marketing communications, Chrissa’s our go-to person for all things related...

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Praveen Jose
Content Director, Digital Strategy & Partnerships

An avid photographer who also enjoys making music, Praveen hails from a strong journalistic background...

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Tuan Rahim
Content Director

Tuan is an award-winning documentary filmmaker renowned for his expertise in brand storytelling and mini...

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JD Chua
Content Director, Executive Producer

A graduate of Chapman University, JD uprooted himself to Hollywood to intern under his filmmaking...

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Jason Foo
Producer, Live

A strong interest in photography and videography led this Linguistic and Multilingual Studies major right...

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Lee Way Lin
Content Writer

A scriptwriter and producer in local TV before joining Click2View as a content writer, Way...

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Jeko Iqbal Reza
Content Writer

Based in Jakarta, Jeko is an IT journalist turned PR and Content Specialist at fintech...

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Edward Finnegan
Edward Finnegan
Customer Success Manager

Having studied computer science, Edward soon finds out that he is interested in interacting with...

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Gisele Suroto
Customer Success Manager

Gisele was one of the millions of Indonesians who continued their higher studies in Singapore....

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Nadia Carr
Customer Success Manager

A collector of cat figurines and in the pursuit of baking the best sourdough, Nadia...

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Rila Kristanti
Customer Success Manager

Rila’s diverse career encompasses banking, e-commerce, system development, and the creative field. Co-founding a freelancer...

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Rainhard Susanto
Art Director

Trained both as an architect and a graphic designer, Rainhard is passionate about helping brands...

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Mkay Yap
Senior Editor, Post Production Lead

A talented editor behind most of our best and most impressive work, it might come...

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Ahmad Hafiz
Visual Effects Artist

Video editor, VFX and GFX designer — Hafiz is a whole post-production team rolled into...

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Yosi Prahadi
Graphic Designer

When you need innovative design, there’s no better person to turn to than Yusak —...

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Ilka Tishia Dalilah
Video Editor, Motion Graphic Artist

Tishia is a communications student with a passion for visual storytelling. She gained valuable experience...

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Bayu Wisena
Junior Photo & Video Editor

Based in Yogyakarta, Bayu used to work as a manager at a local coffee shop...

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Martyn Lim
Business Development Executive

Martyn took an unconventional educational path, studying at Curtin University and collaborating with diverse students....

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Harikrishnan Ajayan
IT & Technical Support Specialist

Once he realised that cybersecurity and forensic experts are in high demand in Singapore, Hari...

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Joann Sim
Finance & Accounting Manager

With over twenty years of experience in the field, Joann is the engine that keeps...

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