The Importance of a Content Audit

It is like a housekeeping service for your digital content For all the content you’ve created, are you able to keep them well organised or does it give you a headache? You could be lacking a system, and perhaps it’s time for a content [...]

Meeting your audience in ways they prefer to consume content

Platforms of dissemination matter, and so does content format. Audiences are becoming more diverse and more fragmented, they expect personalisation and value. When most people think of personalisation, they think of programmatic ads. When we think of value we think of how good the content [...]

Embracing the Internet Without Cookies

Are you ready for a cookie-less society? Advertisers and publishers have relied upon third-party cookies for the longest time to collect users' information and online behaviour. Doing so enables them to show relevant advertisements based on their interest and activity ー essentially giving them [...]

Cybersecurity firms woo clients with creativity

It might be a corporate space, but their brand videos truly stand out. Cybercrime, ransomware and other hacking attacks terrify CEOs globally. While there are many providers to choose from, they essentially offer the same thing. ‘We will protect your business [...]

Facebook advertising: What’s next?

With Facebook’s stranglehold on digital advertising, will there ever be a good enough alternative for marketers? As the most utilised social media platform with 2.85 billion monthly active users, Facebook has almost been the default go-to for advertisers. However, recent [...]

Shot on an iPhone: Does it really help you cut costs?

Can you really make your next blockbuster movie with just an iPhone? Apple just launched the latest iPhone 13. And as usual, the world is buzzing about its camera capabilities. For years now, they’ve been marketing themselves as offering the regular [...]

Creating an intuitive mobile UI for an immersive UX

How do you ensure the best experience for your audience? Did you know that global smartphone data usage increased by 30% in 2020 and is expected to keep on rising this year?  We’ve all become reliant on [...]

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