Long form or short form content — which reigns supreme?

Short and sweet, or long and detailed? We explore what each format brings to the table, and which works best for you. When it comes to content marketing, the vast number of ways to present your content can be overwhelming. And one question that [...]

The battle of the podcasts

Podcasts come in all genres — what makes each of them stand out? As we mentioned in our content marketing trend predictions for 2021, podcasting is still on the rise. According to an annual survey of digital media consumer behaviour [...]

How we mined stories for a multinational corporation’s content hub

Stories are what make us human, and they’re also more important for brands than you might think. Recently we had the opportunity to interview about 50 senior executives of a major global brand to figure out what stories lay hidden within the team.

Data storytelling #2: Enriching your content with data

Data and storytelling may sound like polar opposites. But together, they can strengthen your content marketing. In our previous blog post, we talked about how data can be used to inform and boost your content marketing. But what if we told you that [...]

Data storytelling #1: Powering up your content with data

How do you appeal to people in a data-driven world? Use data to drive your content marketing. It’s 2021, and more businesses are going online or developing an online presence. The world of online marketing is saturated. Companies need to use every tool they [...]

Livestream e-commerce — the newest shopping trend

Product demonstrations and television advertisements are back, but better — in the form of livestream e-commerce. In recent years — and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic — livestreaming and e-commerce have been on the rise. It then comes as no surprise that a combination [...]

A guide to content localisation

When it comes to content marketing, there’s no “one size fits all”. Extend your reach across countries and cultures with content marketing localisation. The internet has made it a lot easier for content marketing to reach people all over the world. While this means [...]

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