The Rise of Micro-Influencers

Move over A-listers — the influencing power has shifted to micro-influencers. For the longest time, hiring a well-known figure as a brand ambassador was the way to go — they have name recognition, star power, and a huge following. With the rise of social [...]

Why your website needs to have case studies

Having good customer testimonials are worth more than any brand ambassador. Would you be willing to try something new like a product or service, when you don’t have access to reviews, or know anyone who’s had a good experience with it? Some of you [...]

Why you should start making infographics

Want your content to gain more traction? Use infographics. Humans are visually wired. Understandably, we remember images better than words. In today's digital landscape, we're bombarded with a lot of information. With shortening attention spans, infographics have emerged [...]

Creating evergreen content

It’s not always easy to stay relevant, which is why brands should leverage on creating evergreen content. Especially for brands, staying relevant is one of the goals to ensure you will stay top of mind for the public regardless of the time of the year. [...]

5 Tips on reaching out to Millennials and Gen Z

With a spending power that’s only set to increase, newer generations are a potential goldmine for your brands' revenue. Millennials and Gen Z are shaping the consumption patterns of the future, and it’s no surprise that brands all across the globe are scrambling to get [...]

What makes for good thought leadership content?

Play the long game with quality thought leadership content when it comes to your marketing strategy. Everyone wants to be a thought leader, but thought leadership pieces are more than just your regular blog post — it’s a piece of content that must demonstrate [...]

How to write a good blog

With new channels of delivering content, blogs might lose their allure, but it’s still one of the most effective ways to get your message across. With the proliferation of social media and bite-sized content, you might think the approach of getting your message across via [...]

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