The role of music and sound effects in your video

Music sets the tone (pun intended) of your video and creates an immersive and memorable viewing experience for your audience. Can you imagine watching Titanic without its iconic soundtrack playing in the background, pulling on your heartstrings? Probably not.While Hollywood had its start in [...]

How do you ace the Instagram Stories game?

Instagram Stories is a wide-reaching social media function that’s also an effective marketing tool. If you've been active online recently, you would have noticed that almost all major social media platforms from Twitter to LinkedIn now have the same feature — their own equivalent of [...]

The allure of animated content

Animated films, series and commercials have continuously captured the hearts of audiences of all ages and demographics. Let’s take a look at how and why animation is so alluring. We’ve talked about the power of visual content before, and how it can add [...]

AI Content Creation and Marketing — The Future Is Now

Content creation, image curation, video production, data visualisation... these were all once human-only activities. But what if we told you that there is now a world full of AI and algorithms that can do all these things and more? In the 21st century, efficiency [...]

How do you enhance your next webinar the right way?

With the ongoing pandemic, webinars and virtual events are the way to go to stay connected with customers. Virtual events have increased by 1,000% since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and they will not fade away anytime soon.

Add Some Hashtags To Energize Your #contentmarketing

Want to get your content to the top of your audience’s social media feeds? Don’t underestimate the unassuming hashtag — the SEO keywords of social media. Are hashtags still relevant?

Long form or short form content — which reigns supreme?

Short and sweet, or long and detailed? We explore what each format brings to the table, and which works best for you. When it comes to content marketing, the vast number of ways to present your content can be overwhelming. And one question that [...]

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