What makes a great case study?

Maybe it’s humour, or maybe it’s the production value. Perhaps it could just be the emotional story at the core of it all. When you’re thinking about buying something, or reaching out to someone for a service, what’s the first thing you do?You’ll ask [...]

The meteoric rise and reign of livestreaming

Live videos are the hottest trend to take over the digital marketing world in recent years. Livestreaming has gained immense popularity all over the internet. Everyone from Hollywood celebrities to YouTube stars and regular folk are doing it. The beauty of [...]

Why email marketing still matters

Even as technology evolved rapidly over the past decades, email marketing — the OG form of digital marketing — still remains a tried-and-true method of driving conversions. It’s true — a comprehensive email marketing strategy will help drive conversions and increase your revenue. With [...]

Producing a ‘weekly’ newsletter: lessons learnt

We’ve been running our own weekly newsletter called Content Confidential for the past three years — here’s what we learnt so far. One day in [...]

The Pros and Cons of DIY Content Marketing

Should you try content marketing on your own? Here are some tips and tricks. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with content marketing and how it can help you raise brand awareness.Content marketing is cost-effective in the long run as good [...]

LinkedIn: Best Practices

How do you market yourself and your brand on LinkedIn? Here’s a list of the best practices for all LinkedIn content types, from media buying tips to crafting thought leadership pieces. LinkedIn is a networking platform for professionals to exchange information, search for new [...]

A guide to marketing on China’s social media platforms

Looking to break into the Chinese market? Here’s the lowdown on the biggest social media platforms in China right now. China is the biggest social media market in the world, with over 926 million social network users in 2020. If you’re looking to [...]

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