Shot on an iPhone: Does it really help you cut costs?

Can you really make your next blockbuster movie with just an iPhone? Apple just launched the latest iPhone 13. And as usual, the world is buzzing about its camera capabilities. For years now, they’ve been marketing themselves as offering the regular [...]

Creating an intuitive mobile UI for an immersive UX

How do you ensure the best experience for your audience? Did you know that global smartphone data usage increased by 30% in 2020 and is expected to keep on rising this year?  We’ve all become reliant on [...]

Riding the retro wave in content

Transport your audience back to the good old days We’ve seen a lot of content recently that is incorporating retro motifs and themes, and we’re really liking it. Not only is the retro aesthetic nostalgic, this blast from the past is actually also a [...]

How much did that video cost?

A lower video budget doesn't necessarily mean a lower quality video. Most people think they can gauge how much a video costs just by looking at the final cut. Ourselves included, but boy were we wrong. On one of our internal [...]

The promise and perils of content personalisation

A personalised experience is great, but it’s a fine line between cool and creepy. These days, content personalisation is taking on a whole new level.  More than just addressing customers by their first name, brands and marketers are trying offer a [...]

Search Engine Optimisation 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Want your site to rank on top of Google searches? Do SEO the right way! In 2021, having a digital footprint is a must for every business. With Google being the yellow pages of the digital era, the ultimate digital goal is to appear [...]

AR and VR: The New Way of Marketing Engagement

How can AR/VR offer something different to your customers? In 2016, most of the world was swept up by PokemonGo, a mobile game that allows players to locate, capture, and battle various Pokemon characters that appear on their smartphone screens as if they were [...]

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