Great stories: The difference between success and failure

As brands enter the digital race, the content gap is growing. Their story and content efforts will forecast their survival. It took a while to find the gym, at the end of a corridor in a downtown mall known for its all-night bars. A [...]

Enhance the webinar experience with OBS and Streamyard

Click2View’s lead producer Alex Chua demonstrates how to use platforms Streamyard and Open Broadcaster Software to create a custom look for your virtual events. The post-pandemic future is digital, especially when it comes to events. To keep things onscreen fresh for the audience, event [...]

Memes are taking over the world

An Internet cultural phenomenon, memes hold more power than you think. If you’re reading this, you’re probably internet-savvy enough to know how to navigate to our Click2View blog page. This means, you probably know what a meme is, or at least have seen [...]

Don’t mention the pandemic!

With the current situation, we all need to be a little more careful when it comes to wording our ads. “Fake news”. Everyone has heard of the term, particularly since it was used by President Donald Trump during and after his presidential campaign. While [...]

What is Content Marketing?

All you need to know about content marketing and the best ways to achieve your goals. There’s a growing demand for content marketing. Today, more companies are seeing the need to engage in [...]

Personal media brands are taking over the industry

Will personal media brands spell the beginning of the end for traditional media hubs? Today’s digital lifestyle has fragmented the old media landscape. Throw a pandemic into the mix and these changing patterns of consumption might just spell doom for traditional media giants.Although almost [...]

The narrative power of corporate storytelling

While marketing metrics are still important, the heart of a company’s content marketing strategy should be its story. Storytelling has been a hallmark of the human experience since long before the invention of writing. But the power of narration goes beyond mere entertainment — [...]

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