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Panasonic: My recipes tasty video series

Client: Panasonic

Project Title: Panasonic My recipes


Panasonic is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics corporation known for its wide range of household appliances.


Tasty videos are a Buzzfeed invention and the style quickly became a huge hit for the site. It’s easy to see why, they convey a recipe quickly, simply and with flair – in a way that is highly engaging and watchable.

So when Panasonic approached us to create videos for them, we decided to draw inspiration from one of the best food videos out there.


We recreated this style in a series for Panasonic to demonstrate a series of cooking “hacks” using Panasonic’s great range of kitchen appliances. They turned out awesome.



You can take a look at it here. Warning: might cause hunger pangs.

If you want to learn more about the Tasty phenomenon, here’s a good article from The New York Times on the topic.

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