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Google Play Academy Study Jam Sessions Indonesia

Client: Google

Project Title: Google Play Academy Study Jam Sessions Indonesia


Google has evolved far beyond its search engine roots. Today, it stands at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile technology, particularly through the development of the Android operating system. This expansion shows how Google is diving into all manner of tech areas and shaping global digital innovation.


As the Android mobile operating system grows, the Google Play ecosystem has emerged as a pivotal catalyst for app development and innovation. Google enlisted our expertise to create a video for its Google Play Academy Study Jam sessions in Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali). The workshop is an interactive group format managed by communities to assist aspiring app and game developers in learning how to design and launch successful applications or games.


Our approach to capturing the Indonesian Google Play Academy Study Jam sessions was planned and executed with a focus on authenticity and engagement. We began by setting up our equipment to blend seamlessly with the environment, ensuring that our presence did not disrupt the flow of the workshops. Our camera crew was strategically positioned to capture high-quality footage of both the speakers and the participants, emphasising the interactive nature of the sessions.

The choice of featuring talking heads was deliberate, aimed at personalising the experience and connecting viewers directly with the thoughts and emotions of the participants. These segments were interspersed with dynamic B-roll footage that captured hands-on activities, group discussions, and the overall vibrancy of the event. This mix not only enriched the visual narrative but also provided a holistic view of the energetic and collaborative atmosphere.

Throughout the production, we faced the challenge of adapting to last-minute changes, such as the addition of a local producer in Jakarta. This adjustment required quick thinking and flexibility in our production schedule and resource allocation. Despite these challenges, our team maintained a high level of professionalism and focus, ensuring output quality was not compromised.

In post-production, our primary goal was to create a cohesive and engaging story from the hours of footage. This phase was critical in transforming raw footage into a polished final product that reflected the energy and educational value of the Study Jam sessions. Tishia Dalilah, our Motion Graphic Artist, worked to select clips that best represented the key moments and learning experiences of the event.

“I developed custom animations that complemented the live-action footage, adding an extra layer of engagement and helping to illustrate complex concepts discussed during the sessions. The colour grading process was carefully managed to ensure that the final video had a vibrant yet natural look, mirroring the lively atmosphere of the workshops,” she said.

Subtitling was another critical aspect of post-production, given the diverse audience for the video. We provided Indonesian subtitles to make the content accessible to a broader audience, ensuring that the educational impact of the Study Jam sessions was not limited by language barriers. Audio sweetening was the final touch, enhancing the overall clarity and quality of the sound, making the video not only visually appealing but also audibly clear.

The post-production phase was not just about technical enhancements but also about storytelling. We aimed to weave together the different elements into a narrative that was informative, inspiring, and reflective of the community spirit fostered through these sessions.


The feedback from Google and the session participants confirmed that we had achieved our objective, delivering a product that was both high-quality and impactful. The video was well-received and posted on the Google Play Academy Study Jam website.