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GrabAds Webinar

Client: GrabAds

Project Title: TMP x GrabAds Webinar


GrabAds is Grab Holding’s business advertising unit, and provides an online-to-offline platform for brands in Southeast Asia.


GrabAds wanted to hold an internal webinar for media owners in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and we were contacted by The Masterplan to facilitate the production and streaming of the webinars.

Overall, GrabAds wanted a webinar that could imitate an in-person event. They wanted a video conferencing platform that could accommodate around 200 people, with features such as live Q&A and polls for audience participation.


We proposed several video conferencing platforms, and eventually decided to use WebinarJam, a platform that can hold up to 5,000 participants. In addition to that, we created customised presentation layouts, graphics and animations to enhance the viewing experience and to brand the webinar.

GrabAds also wanted a mix of live and pre-recorded segments. To make sure that all recordings came out smoothly, we gave the speakers guidelines on how to record themselves. We also facilitated rehearsals and practice sessions to prepare speakers for the live event.

Finally, we were in charge of show calling the entire event, making sure that the timings and transitions between each segment were seamless, and that the next speaker in line was ready to go live.


Overall, GrabAds was extremely pleased with the outcome, and the webinar was such a success that we were able to secure future webinar projects with them.