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TikTok Creative Excellence Session

Client: TikTok

Project Title: TikTok Creative Excellence Session


In 2020, TikTok launched TikTok Ads Academy, a B2B online educational program that showcases the platform’s advertising potential and teaches participating agencies how to harness this potential in their own marketing campaigns.


We were engaged to create a video for a pilot module as part of the TikTok Ads Academy. The video would be one part showcase, one part tutorial, and would feature Alan Leong of TikTok Creative Lab as its main speaker and presenter.


Most importantly, TikTok wanted the video to be engaging, creative and out of the box to reflect their image as a fun and creative brand.


From its conceptualisation to filming and even post-production, we were involved in all aspects of the project.


We created a dynamic 30 second motion graphic introduction sequence which was played before the pre-recorded presentation.


To introduce Alan as the speaker, we proposed a TikTok style transition, in which the speaker starts off in casual attire before transitioning to business casual attire. This was specifically done to build interest, create excitement and to get the audience enthusiastic about the presentation ahead.

We wanted to showcase the speaker presenting from within the TikTok app. To do so, we filmed the speaker in front of a green screen and edited the footage into a phone frame. We also added in the TikTok user interface onto the footage to truly make it seem like a video on the TikTok application. Finally, to further add to the engaging experience, we also created animated slides to reinforce the speaker’s presentation.


Visual effects were added to help magnify parts of the content. During the ‘Magic of Attention’ segment, the speaker reaches out of the phone frame onto the slides to set the ‘buffering’ wheel on fire. This was specifically done to capture the audience’s attention and relate it back to the content that was being presented.



At the end of presentation, he also steps out of the phone frame to say goodbye.



The client was very pleased with the end result. They were so impressed that they later recommended us to a different department in TikTok, which later approached us to create TikTok Unboxed.

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