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Microsoft: Security Endpoint Threat Report


Client: Microsoft

Project Title: Amplification campaign for Microsoft’s Security Endpoint Threat Report


As technology gets increasingly sophisticated, so do cyberthreats. How do you protect yourself against malware and ransomware encounters to build better cyber resilience?

A leading multinational tech company that champions innovation, Microsoft has been a long-time client of ours and they reached out to us to help amplify their latest study on cyber security.


In their Security Endpoint Threat Report (SETR) 2019, Microsoft analysed 8 trillion signals daily across various Asian markets to unveil the trends in endpoint threats, and offered guidance on how to stay safe online.

Armed with a landing site equipped with resources that details their findings, our goal was simple: To drive traffic to the page through link clicks on social ads.


Taking into consideration Microsoft’s target markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, and Australia, the decision was made to conduct the amplification campaign on Facebook.

Considering the nature of the report and the relevance of the findings, we decided to target an audience demographic of people in the IT and tech services industry, particularly C-Suite executives and specialists.

To ensure we maximised the campaign’s reach, we also set the ad perimeters to target those who have listed keywords such as “network security”, “hacker (hobbyist)” and “hacker (computer security)” as their interests, among numerous others.

Each social ad was built with a single static image accompanied with a copy. We also conducted A/B testing for each country to ensure that the ads performed optimally. In total, we had 18 unique ad variations.

Here are some ad mockups featuring the three different social copies:



The amplification campaign performed well. In total, the ads generated close to 60k link clicks, with a low average cost per click.

Philippines was the best performer in terms of link clicks, contributing towards more than 40% of the total clicks received. India was the second best performer, receiving the highest click through rate and highest engagement with the most post shares, post comments and post likes.

Overall, we helped the client drive results across the targeted markets.