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Driving the Future of Payments

Client: Visa Asia Pacific

Project Title: Powering Taiwan Taxi


Part of Visa’s vision of providing electronic payments to everyone, everywhere, Visa Asia Pacific helped Taiwan Taxi join the electronic payment revolution through card and mobile payments.


Click2View was engaged to tell the story of Taipei taxi drivers using Visa’s massively successful Merchant Story format. We were tasked to show how electronic payments make taxi travel easier, how electronic payments are faster and safer, which makes accounting for the taxi company easier too, and how having a Visa card is useful for travellers in the most unexpected places.


We decided to create a first-person documentary illustrating the interactions between a taxi customer and the taxi driver to show the convenience of having electronic payments in taxis.


The video follows a customer as she pays for her trip using card and mobile payments, showing that electronic payments are easy, quick and safe. With a narration by the taxi driver, he highlights the benefits of having cashless payment options to him to show how electronic payments have changed the nature of business in the taxi industry.


As the intended audience and markets are outside of Taiwan, the story needs an international appeal, which added a layer of complexity to the project. This is where the perspectives from the taxi driver and customer help, as viewers are given a better idea about the taxi industry in Taiwan and how electronic payments improve the industry.



The video was well-received on the Visabrand AP YouTube channel. It has garnered over 50,000 views.