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Adventure Travellers

Client: Visa Asia Pacific

Project Title: A chef, cameraman, and a tuk tuk named Monica


Adventure travel is a hot trend. Travellers are seeking authentic, active enriching adventurous experiences more than ever. This new breed of travellers are changing the face of travel through seeking to go further. Traveling with a purpose, the journey is just as important as the destination.


The brief was to showcase Visa as ahead of the curve, as a facilitator for travellers seeking adventure, to uncover the incredible places where Visa is accepted and also to reveal the engaging stories of the merchants in these amazing locations.


We set about developing a mini documentary featuring entertaining, millennial, adventure travellers who take the region apart by exploring new destinations, authentic experiences, and exciting cultures.


We followed the Sol Food duo Guglielmo and Cameron on their road trip through North India, exchanging stories, sharing food cooked at the back of their tuk-tuk with locals. They meet VJ from Rajputana Motorcycles in Jaipur who helps them fix up their tuk tuk and accepts Visa which makes their adventure possible.


The challenge aspect of the Soul Food duo of getting to these places added another layer of storytelling, which made this a wildly entertaining series.


The video was posted on the Visa AP Newsroom and was well received. It quickly achieved over 200,000 views on Youtube.