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The 2018 Winter Olympics

Client: Visa Asia Pacific

Project Title: Visa Winter Traveller


The 2018 Winter Olympics is an international multi-sport winter event held in PyeongChang. Athletes from all over the world come together to challenge their skills against each other. The Olympics doubles as an excellent opportunity for South Korea to show the country’s beauty to the world, and boost their tourism.


As part of Visa’s ongoing sponsorship and support of the Winter Olympics 2018 in Korea, the brand requested Click2View to create a new series of videos. The series aimed to promote Korea as a travel destination, showcase Visa at the Olympics, encourage cross border spending, and promote the safety, convenience and security of electronic payments.


We decided to film a travel documentary series in a popular traveller vlog style, a trend that is increasingly gaining traction. To introduce the different aspects of South Korea and appeal to a wider audience, we created two series focused on different topics.


The first series is in Japanese to appeal to Japan. Hosted by popular Japanese travel blogger Anri Nakajima (Instagram: @anrinakajima), it has a stronger focus on Seoul. Over 3 short episodes, with each being approximately 3 minutes, she explored the food, shopping, fashion, and glamping scene in South Korea. These activities were paid using a Visa card to show the convenience of using Visa when overseas.


The second series is hosted by Yunsun Park, a shoe designer and snowboarder (Instagram: @yunnie.q). In the 5-episode English series, she visited the 1988 Olympics site in Seoul, introduced Korean food, snowboarded with her friends, skied with freestyle skiers, and explored snow parks, among others.


An interesting feature in her series is the interviews she had with people behind the winter sports equipment. She interviewed a half pipe carver to learn how a half pipe is made for snowboarding, and talked to a speed skating coach to learn how ice skates are made. Olympics is as much about the people that made the sports possible as it is about the athletes and the competition. Through the short and engaging interviews, we sought to capture the stories of the people behind-the-scenes to honour their efforts.


Watch the series here:


The videos were a massive hit, especially the 5-episodes English videos featuring Yunsun Park. The 3-episodes Japanese series gained an average of 17,700 views each, while the 5-episodes English series generated an average of 150,000 views each. Episode 2 was particularly popular, garnering 237,000 views.