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Client: ST Engineering

Project Title: Animation and brochure to promote AGIL Cloud Management Platform


ST Engineering is a global technology, defence and engineering group that just launched its new AGIL Cloud Management Platform to power drive organisations with end-to-end cloud services and help them on their digital transformation journey.


Create an animated product explainer video and e-brochure to introduce and promote AGIL Cloud Management Platform. Both assets have to explain how the solution accelerates cloud adoption and what key benefits and features are.


We created an animated video and brochure with consistent visual style and character design. A short animated explainer acts as a teaser driving top level awareness, while the brochure provides a more in-depth information on the product.


For the animated video, we put our characters inside geometric shapes that symbolise how you can move from chaos to order using the AGIL platform.


The product brochure gives more detailed information about the solution, including the infographic on the cloud transformation journey. You can download the brochure here.


Both animation video and product brochure published on ST Engineering website and promoted on social media, and are currently being used as a sales enablement tool by the cloud business unit.