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Prudential Preventative Healthcare

Client: Prudential Singapore

Project Title: Animation about the benefits of preventative healthcare


Healthcare costs are rising and in order to keep costs affordable in time to come, Prudential Singapore constantly reinvents itself and comes up with new solutions for its customers to help them live well.


Create a snappy informative video to educate the audience on why insurers are investing in preventative healthcare now and introduce the insurtech by Prudential with focus on Pulse wellness app, claims-based pricing, and PRUconnect hospital panel.


To avoid sounding too factual and corporate, we created a funny animated action video with the hero who runs away from the monster made of medical bills, punches the cigarette mascot in slow-motion and high fives the bird in the sky.


Check the full video here:


The video played at Singapore FinTech Festival and was published on social media, helping Prudential to raise awareness about the importance of preventative healthcare.