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CooperVision 40 Years of Wear

Client: CooperVision

Project Title: Animated story showing 40 years of contact lens wear


CooperVision offers a comprehensive portfolio of contact lenses to support the 40 years years of wear of all consumers. The challenge is that eye care practitioners (ECPs) do not yet see the entire usage and revenue potential of keeping the customers on contact lens wear throughout their life journey (from their teenage years to their senior years) and CooperVision has the widest range of products to fulfil every life stage.


Create an animated story to display the 40-year-journey of contact lens wear, as well as the evolving lifestyle for every consumer who needs visual correction. The video should inspire ECPs to offer a complete range of contact lens solutions from CooperVision regardless of age and affordability, and retain customer loyalty to the brand.


The larger goal is to cultivate a new mindset where ECPs are excited to invest in this long-term customer relationship and reap the benefits of retainer revenue, provided by the complete suite of contact lens solutions by CooperVision.


We focus on a simple message for our concept: if you keep customers happy throughout their 40 years of contact lens wear, you’re potentially unlocking 40 years of revenue!


We’ve created this business case through the story of a customer and an ECP. Specifically, we decided to make it personal and authentic in order to resonate with the target audience.


Our featured customer visits the same ECP for 40 years, showcasing her life-long loyalty to the store. As she grows older and introduces her family, her needs evolve — but our hero ECP is always there to help her visual correction requirements, equipped with CooperVision’s wide range of lenses.


We subtly feature CooperVision’s products for each of the three life stages and execute the concept with purely visual storytelling.


You can watch the final animation here:


The animation will be played at optical stores and used for training ECPs so they can offer a holistic recommendation to their customers.