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DHL Everyday Superheroes

Client: DHL

Project Title: Comic style animation about DHL Everyday Superheroes


Clearwater Communications organised a superhero-themed staff event for DHL to wrap up 2020 in an interesting and engaging way.


Create an opening event video with a credible storyline, starring senior managers and directors being superheroes and doing “superhero things”. The video should be fun, launch the theme, excite and surprise the staff, and make the management look cool.


Our concept: DHL employees as superheroes help a girl deliver a gift to an orphan boy. We wanted to create a story of kindness, hope and superpowers that portrays DHL employees as superheroes, especially through the kids’ point of view.


Our creative approach: using a traditional comic style for the illustrations and animation. We also had the voiceover narration use rephrased iconic lines from superhero movies.


The project was delivered within a few weeks turnaround time, with major focus on a realistic representation of real DHL management.


Watch the final comic style animated video here:



The video was a huge success at the event, and will be used at other events in the future to communicate the extra effort DHL puts into meeting their customer needs.

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