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MyDay Made for More Video

Client: CooperVision

Project Title: MyDay Made for More Video


CooperVision is a renowned manufacturer of soft contact lenses with a global presence in over 130 countries. Their commitment to innovation has enabled them to improve the vision of millions of people throughout the world. 


CooperVision approached us with an exciting project: to create a sizzle video named “MyDay Made for More” that would amplify their silicone hydrogel contact lens, MyDay.

Their goal was clear: creation of a sizzle video of 30-45 seconds and a longer 2-min educational video with the Aquaform technology explainer. The main message they wanted to convey was the versatility of MyDay disposable contact lenses, highlighting their sustainability aspect through their partnership with Plastic Bank. Additionally, they wanted to emphasise the importance of Aquaform technology in detail.


We kicked off by using CooperVision’s existing key visuals, which had already made a mark in other markets. These visuals took the form of simple posters and brochures. We wanted to seamlessly integrate these assets into the video as 3D elements, while crafting thoughtfully designed storyboards to guide the process.

Artur Akhmetzyanov, our Head of Animation, recognised that 3D animation would truly elevate this campaign, infusing it with depth and visual appeal. To steer clear of a static feel, we opted for a dynamic blend of 2D and 3D elements. “We didn’t want it to look like a moving PowerPoint, so we tried to incorporate some 3D and 2D motion design. We couldn’t go full 3D due to timeline, budget and brand asset limitations, but we could make it more visually engaging with a mix of 2D and 3D,” said Artur.

During collaborative sessions with the CooperVision team, we identified an opportunity to emphasise the lenses and product box, infusing them with lively movement to engage viewers. This included the use of flying boxes adorned with lenses and shots featuring mesmerising rotations of the lenses themselves. 

Our main focus was on engaging our target audience of eye care practitioners, so we fully embraced the concept and carefully selected stock footage that aligned perfectly with our vision. With the help of well-chosen music, we moved into the production phase, breathing life into the initial drafts with motion design.

After the video was completed and got great reception from regional teams, CooperVision asked for an additional scope of work to localise the video in several markets, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and China.

Beyond localisation, we did some reversioning to tailor the content to meet the specific needs of each market. For example, in Korea, we created two versions: one for eye care practitioners and another for consumers. This involved removing certain scenes and refining the animation to achieve the desired length.

Throughout the process, we forged close collaborations with market representatives, including esteemed marketers in each region. Our recent completion of the Korean localisation, for instance, involved direct communication with the dedicated marketing team in Korea, setting it apart from our interactions with the Singapore team.

“We placed great emphasis on maintaining consistent characters and messaging across different languages, ensuring a seamless and authentic experience for viewers in each market,” Artur remarked.


CooperVision was pleased with the video’s positive reception and the final result. They especially appreciated the expanded scope of work, which involved localising the content for various markets.

The final sizzle video is 49 seconds long, you can watch it here: