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Prudential Pursue Influencer Video — Huda Ali

Client: Prudential

Project Title: Pursue Influencer Video (Family) — Huda Ali

Pursue is a content hub by Prudential with curated financial and life advice for their Emerging Affluent (EA) audience.

The aim of the content hub is to inspire EAs to embrace the challenges of life planning and help them achieve financial proficiency and holistic well-being by bridging the gap between their passions and goals.

As part of an ongoing content retainer, the Pursue team wanted to create a series of influencer videos as part of an effort to expand their range of content on the site.

The first installment of the series was meant for the Family-Minded passion pillar. This 2-3 minutes long video would be uploaded onto the influencer’s Instagram handle, as well as on Pursue site with an accompanying article.

This article would cover additional points that were not addressed in the video.

We immediately got to work shortlisting suitable influencers based on the profile provided by the Pursue team. Apart from reach, two important factors were the extent to which they embodied the values of the Family-Minded pillar, and their relatability to the target audience.

Since the EA demographic typically consisted of those aged between 30-45 years old, our chosen influencer had to also fall within this age group. Also, since the video was targeted at EAs interested in forging stronger familial bonds, the chosen influencer had to be a parent.

After a few rounds of working with the Pursue team to narrow down the selections, we decided to cast TV presenter and entrepreneur Huda Ali. We then crafted a list of questions and through a pre-interview with her, we then found the key takeaways that we would want to share with the audience.

As an entrepreneur, mother of two, and who also takes culinary classes on the side, Huda juggles numerous personal and work responsibilities — a fact that many EAs can relate to.

By leveraging Huda’s experiences, we decided to conceptualise the video in a way that best represents the go-getter spirit in her, while tying it back to the importance of planning ahead — especially when it comes to taking care of herself and her family.

We came up with a “walk-and-talk” concept that portrayed Huda getting ready for work, with an off-screen narrator. Through their banter, little bits of information about Huda and the key takeaways of the video are unearthed and emphasised with text on screen.

Here’s the final video.

The video is published on Huda’s Instagram handle, as well as on the Pursue site with a follow up article.