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Prudential Group Purpose video

Client: Prudential

Project Title: Group Purpose video


Prudential is a life insurance company with deep roots in Singapore. Having had a long standing relationship with Prudential, Click2View has been continuously working with them to produce numerous editorial and video content.


As part of a content retainer, Prudential wanted to create a video showcasing their new Group Purpose — “To help people get the most out of life”.

Featuring their CEO Dennis Tan and six other C-suite executives talking about what the group purpose means to them, this video was to be played at their 2021 Town Hall event.


A video featuring seven C-suite executives could very likely end up like your run-of-the-mill corporate video, which we wanted to avoid. But since it was still to be a video where the executives addressed the employees, we kept the usual talking-head interview style — but put our own fun spin on it.

The art direction and styling was the most crucial part that would ensure the success of this video — no blazers or suits allowed! We proposed using colourful backdrops for each of the executives, coordinating their wardrobes closely to ensure that they all stood out on-screen. This bold contrast between their clothing and the background was a detail that cannot be missed, so we made sure we had an array of brand-new colourful shirts neatly pressed and ready for the talents to change into if the need arose.



Rather than rely on scripted answers which could make the interview seem stiff and formal, we chose to engage the executives in a casual conversation, starting off with jokes and icebreakers to get them comfortable in front of the camera, before slipping in questions regarding the group purpose. As a result, we managed to catch the moments where their true selves shone through, with witty remarks and spontaneous laughter.

In post-production, we stitched their responses together so that they seemed to finish each other’s sentences. We also included a fun intro consisting of B-rolls and outtakes to set the tone of the video — definitely not corporate.


The video was a success when unveiled at their Town Hall event, garnering praises from numerous employees and even the CEO himself. The Prudential team even requested for a 1:1 ratio of the same video to be made (reformatting it entirely so we could keep the same video style instead of adding white spaces on the top and bottom) so they could publish it on their social media handles, like LinkedIn. Have a look at the full video here.