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CEO Wrap-up Video

Client: Prudential

Project Title: CEO Wrap-up Video


As one of our long-time clients, we have done many kinds of work for Prudential Singapore, ranging from thought leadership articles to video production.


Concluding his first year in office, Prudential wanted to create an end of year wrap-up video featuring their new CEO, Dennis Tan.

Eventually, they decided that they wanted two videos — one for the agency and one for their employees with “slight variation in content” but still “mostly the same”.


One of our main goals was to avoid creating a typical and boring talking head interview that would turn everyone off, so we came up with a newscaster style that featured Dennis sitting at a table. The idea was to have him use simple props that matched the script and add graphics in post.

However, one of the problems we faced was his tight schedule which would make this concept difficult to execute for two videos. We eventually decided to go with a ‘walk and talk’ style, with animation and graphics projected on a screen behind him.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to complete the graphics in time to have it projected on the screen on the day of the shoot. We quickly improvised and used a green screen instead, so we would later be able to add in the required graphics in post-production.


Aside from conceptualising the videos from start to end, we worked with a tight turnaround time and produced two 5-6min videos for the client. These were published internally.

Since we are unable to share the links to it publicly, so here are some stills from the video instead: