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Day in the life of Boon Seng

Client: Singtel

Project Title: Super app promo video for Singtel


Singtel, Asia’s leading communications group, envisioned the future of smart cities and connected services that would meet all consumer needs in an easy-to-use all-in-one platform.


Create a promo video showing a day in the life of a semi-retired ride-hailing driver in Singapore, and show how Singtel services fulfil all his personal goals and cater to everything that matters to him.


Within a tight timeline of a few weeks, we wrote a script, cast the lead actor and sorted out locations for a one-day shoot featuring our Boon Seng character. The team improvised on set and incorporated chickens and a dog into the storyline. Best of all, we managed to wrap up the shoot just before a thunderstorm struck.


Here is the final video:



The video was used internally at Singtel to raise awareness and inspire the team to work on new connected services helping Singaporeans live well and focus on what matters most.