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PruExpert Learning Platform

Client: Prudential 

Project: PruExpert Learning Platform Campaign


Click2View has a long-standing relationship with Prudential, one of the largest insurance companies in Singapore with over 800 million customer shares. Over the course of our working relationship, we have produced content spanning multiple platforms that range from think-pieces to concept videos.  


Prudential approached us in 2021 to produce a variety of content in support of their latest campaign that was designed to encourage and cultivate the spirit of continuous learning in their financial consultants.

This would be inclusive of three components: an animated explainer that would launch the campaign, a thought leadership piece ghostwritten for their Chief Distribution Officer Ben Tan, and filming a panel of agency leaders discussing the value of continuous learning and the support offered by the company for upskilling. 

Animated Explainer

The animated explainer’s objective was to introduce Prudential’s financial consultants to the PruExpert learning platform on which they could take courses to upskill themselves. As such, our head of animation Artur Akhmetzyanov pitched the concept of upskilling as acquiring superpowers so characters can ‘level up’. 

Taking inspiration from our previous project we had completed for DHL, we used the same metaphor of superheroes to describe the perseverance of delivery personnel through the movement restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We partnered a Ukrainian animation studio for this, and the first versions of the output show the seamlessness with which the teams worked across borders.

Using music and design that incorporated a futuristic and stylish tone to the narrative, the superhero financial consultants in the video can be seen accessing learning material with hologram technology. 

As revisions with the client progressed, they requested that Prudential’s diversity and inclusion policies be reflected as well. This meant including a variety of older and younger financial consultants of different ethnicities, as they rise through the ranks of being IBF-certified, accredited, and finally making the Million Dollar Round Table. 

This video set the tone for the other two components of the campaign.

Agency Leader Panel and Continuous Learning think-piece

To further underscore the intentions of the campaign, we produced a video of a panel discussion with agency leaders on the ways in which the company is providing upskilling support to their financial consultants so that they remain competitive in the industry. 

Part of the campaign, this helped to shed light on the Agency’s views of the need for financial consultants to continue upskilling themselves, and the resources available to them.

Lastly, the thought leadership piece crafted for Prudential CDO Ben Tan continues the discussion about the launch of the PruExpert learning platform, and also features Ben’s personal thoughts and anecdotes. This ensures to set the tone of the campaign from the top of the company.


The client loved the final output of the animated explainer video, complimenting the design and the cool, modern feel of the video. Artur recounts that earlier versions of the video were said to have been overselling the platform. “We needed to find the right balance in tone; being engaging yet staying professional and not creating visuals which were overtly distracting.” 

Our Editorial Content Director — and account director for Prudential — Michelle Cheong appreciated that “For a single initiative (the PruExpert learning platform), we had different pieces of content targeting different audiences. The animation targeted the people served by the platform, whereas the thought leadership piece and the panel video worked to demonstrate what learning meant to Prudential to both internal and external audiences, which is really effective as a whole campaign!” 


Our working relationship with Prudential continues to grow from strength to strength in 2022. You can watch the PruExpert animated video below.

You can read CDO Ben Tan’s think-piece on continuous learning here.

You can watch the discussion panel between agency leaders below.