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Prudential PRUForce@Pulse Campaign

Client: Prudential

Project Title: Prudential PRUForce@Pulse Campaign


Prudential is one of the top life insurance companies in Singapore, serving the financial and protection needs of the country’s citizens for 90 years. The company delivers a suite of well-rounded product offerings in Protection, Savings and Investment through multiple distribution channels, including a network of more than 5,000 financial consultants.


Being adaptable and embracing change in today’s evolving digital age is a requirement for every business, and Prudential is no exception. However, changes are often met with resistance and skepticism. Prudential first experienced this when they transitioned their original CRM system, PruForce 1.0, to PRUForce 2.0. Therefore, when it was time to transition from PruForce 2.0 to a mobile-based CRM application (PRUForce@Pulse), Prudential approached us for help.

They requested four videos: three user-learning videos and one launch video. Doing so allows Prudential to introduce the new mobile-based system to all their financial consultants, showing how the system works and how it benefits their work in customer relationship building. All in all, the aim is to ensure a smooth transition and encourage adoption.


For the User Learning Videos (3 videos), our approach centered on accentuating the ease of use of the PRUForce@Pulse platform. We took users through in-app processes using illustrative 3D animations and screenshots, providing a step-by-step guide to accomplishing tasks. 

As for the Launch Video (1 video), we aimed to create anticipation and enthusiasm. We developed a creative concept that effectively highlighted the key benefits of the PRUForce@Pulse CRM system. We communicated the system’s advantages through a captivating narrative while seamlessly integrating essential onboarding instructions and a compelling call to action. 

Our approach to tone and style was carefully calibrated to resonate with Prudential’s financial consultants. Opting for a modern and clean visual style, we ensured that our videos conveyed professionalism and innovation – two qualities that align closely with Prudential’s brand values. The incorporation of 3D animations elevated the premium look and feel, captivating viewers’ attention while maintaining a sense of clarity.

We employed a combination of strategies to ensure that our videos were informative and easy-to-understand for financial consultants. Simplified language allows us to convey concepts effectively. Real-world scenarios encountered by consultants daily were depicted, making the content relevant and relatable.

We broke down user journeys and processes into step-by-step demonstrations, making it simple for consultants to follow. The friendly, enthusiastic tone of narration fostered engagement and relatability, while concise text overlays reinforced key takeaways.


The client was happy with the outcome. Ultimately, the videos foster the adoption of PRUForce@Pulse, resulting in heightened engagement rates and consultants’ positive feedback. The videos streamlined the learning curve, swiftly equipping consultants with app knowledge while seamlessly integrating it into training programs for lasting value. 

The videos were made available for all Prudential Financial Consultants (FCs). The video garnered 1,500 views across three explainer videos within the first month of its launch. It clocked in 2,000 minutes of watch time among 500 unique visitors, which signifies repeated viewings.

We submitted this project for the Motion Design Awards 2024 and it got picked as Video of the Day on 18 March 2024.