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Prudential PayNow Campaign Animation Explainer

Client: Prudential 

Project: PayNow Animation Video


This project came on the heels of our very successful ESG video with Prudential, and this time they wanted to raise awareness of their integration of PayNow as an option to receive payment. They wanted to highlight how the service would provide customers with a fast and convenient way to receive their payouts from their policies, such as refunds, claims, withdrawals and more.


It’s hardly a surprise given Singapore’s push for a cashless society, that Prudential would eventually adopt as a way to transfer payouts to their customers. But how would we make people sit up and take notice of the empathy shining through this decision? 

Our head of animation Artur Akhmetzyanov decided that he would show the pain points of one man before and after he uses Paynow…through the use of comedy. This was an animation project produced entirely in-house, between Artur and our Senior Art Director Victor Goh. 

Man and dog yawning in perfect synchrony.

We follow this epic journey of a man who’s on his way to cash his pay out…but he remains in the same pose – not moving – throughout as scenes around him change. This visual humour references the helpless amounts of waiting that customers used to have to do as banks processed their payouts. 

Note how the man has been in the same part of the frame throughout.

In the final scene, we capture the irony that the man has managed to grow old and die – even his fish are dead – all before his payout arrives, referencing how PayNow-delivered payouts reach customers in a far more timely manner.

We then bring in the solution to this pain point and deliver a quick tutorial on how to set up PayNow in the Prudential app, not forgetting to insert a cheeky wink to show how life is now easier.


The client loved the injection of comedy into their video explainer, but importantly they loved the smooth correspondence and the resulting fast turnaround that we managed to deliver to them. Artur muses about the process, stating that the project was one of the more memorable and fun videos he got to make. 

“It was a brief that requested a serious explainer, but we got creative and instead found a way to showcase a very Singaporean struggle. The humour we injected would keep the audience watching, and that’s key to successful messaging anyways.

From script to storyboard to output, everything proceeded smoothly and that’s when you know you have a happy client! Plus, it’s always nice to work on an animated video entirely in-house where you can follow the project from start to finish.”

The video was posted on several social media platforms, like Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. 

Watch it here: