Google Think Finance Webinar

Client: Google

Project Title: Google Think Finance Webinar


Think Finance is Google Hong Kong’s annual thought leadership program that brings together finance marketing leaders to discuss and shape the future of this industry.


We were approached by events agency The Master Plan to help work on Think Finance 2020. This year, the event had to go virtual, and we were tasked to put together a series of webinars. Rather than just talking heads, the client wanted a dynamic, fully pre-recorded webinar. 


Our goal was to create production value by bringing their slides to life. The client worked closely with us to provide references and feedback all along the way. 

We first put together an animation team to create dynamic transitions and animated videos according to animation style references provided by the client. 


We then worked with Pitch, a design agency chosen by Google, to come up with interesting and creative designs. 

Click2View also handled the pre-recording and provided technical solutions. We were tasked with finding out the best ways to record and how to use what was recorded. Finally, we synced the recordings with the presentation slides, and added all the necessary transitions and animations. 


Google Hong Kong was very pleased with the outcome as well as the added production value from Click2View. Think Finance 2020 was a success, and can be viewed with registration here.