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Visa: Winter Traveler Amplification

Client: Visa

Project Title: Visa Winter Olympics Amplification Campaign


Visa is a multinational financial services corporation that facilitates easy electronic funds transfers throughout the world, and also one of Click2View’s longtime clients.


In 2018, South Korea hosted the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. After creating the Winter Traveler video series for Visa, they also engaged us to distribute and amplify these videos online.


The entire amplification campaign was set to run for a period of four months, ending at the end of the Olympic games. The main objectives were to drive views to the video series on Youtube, as well as drive traffic to Visa AP newsroom landing page.

Here’s part one in the video series:



These social ads were amplified on Youtube as a skippable in-stream video, and on the Facebook newsfeed as a video with a CTA to “Watch More”. We also utilised Outbrain to display boxes of links, known as chumboxes, to the Visa AP newsroom page within other websites.

The primary target audience were those who were most likely to attend the Olympics, while the secondary target audience were those who were highly interested in the Olympics, as well as in sports and travel generally. This was applied to both the local Korean audience as well as to those outside of Korea. With that in mind, all five episodes were set to target keywords such as “Olympics”, “sports”, “travel”, “winter sports”.

Each episode also targeted specific keywords related to its content, such as “night life entertainment” on the video that introduced soju, an alcoholic beverage of Korean origin, and “relaxation” on the episode that featured jjimjilbang, a type of Korean public bathhouse and spa.


The video acted as a source of inspiration for ticket holders and travelers to the region, successfully promoting electronic payments, and provided practical travel advice for those looking to visit Korea.

In South Korea, the videos garnered almost 800k views. Outbrain drove clicks to the Visa AP Newsroom Winter Olympics Section, with over 200 ad variations, resulting in over a million impressions.