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Prudential Thought Leadership Video on Continuous Learning

​​Client: Prudential plc
Project Title: Continuous Learning Video


Prudential plc is one of the largest insurance companies in Singapore, with over 800 million customer shares. The company has had a long-standing relationship with Click2View in the production of multi-platform content ranging from think-pieces to concept videos.


Prudential initially approached us to produce a thought leadership video with their Chief Distribution Officer Ben Tan as the subject, but this time with a twist.

They wanted us to inject some zest and fun into the concept, with the thematic focus of the 3-minute video on their Curious value. They did not want Ben to remain a talking head throughout the video but instead wanted him to have a more interactive role.

The video would be published on LinkedIn.


Based on the parameters from the client, our team began brainstorming game show concepts to create the interactive setting of the video. We found a couple of references which generated good ideas for our video’s concept:



We settled for the turn-based heartstopping Jenga, where each participant would answer questions printed on the Jenga block. Our video began with “snazzy” opening titles, just as the client intended. It was laced throughout with emojis, fluorescent question cards and playful music.



The video was published on LinkedIn and was very positively received, and very well viewed as well.