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Visa Salsa Video Commercial

Client: Visa

Project Title: Visa Salsa


Visa, a global payments technology company, aims to give customers and merchants a piece of mind by ensuring that their transactions are secure and protected.


Click2View was engaged to film a 60-second video commercial. Visa wanted an innovative video that would showcase the amount of security and the number of processes that goes into a 1 second transaction.


Initially, we had a variety of ideas and concepts, ranging from water balloon fights to popping a water balloon on someone’s head. After many iterations, we decided to go with filming the movement of a dancer and her clothes in slow-motion.

A fair amount of pre-production went into this project. The high-end speed camera we used was expensive to rent, so we had to come up with innovative ways to stay within budget, including finding affordable commercial studios in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and hiring freelancers.

We also worked closely with the dancer and watched her perform prior to the shoot in order to plan for the shots we wanted to take. The clothes she wore were also custom made in Visa’s colors — blue and gold.

Despite being constrained by a tight schedule and budget as well as many changes in concept, we managed to pull through during the filming process and produced an end result that we were very pleased with.

Watch the video here:

The video has also been localised in Vietnamese:


The video commercial was launched on Visa’s website as well as on their Youtube channel, where it has since garnered more than 150K views.