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Visa Kenya

Client: Visa Global

Project Title: Visa Kenya


Visa is a world leader in digital payments, facilitating transactions between consumers, merchants, financial institutions and government entities across more than 200 countries and territories. Its mission is to be a trusted network and world leader in digital payments, working to remove barriers and connect more people to the global economy. Visa’s purpose is to uplift everyone, everywhere by being the best way to pay and be paid.


As the world becomes more mobile, digital payments are part of everyday life. Visa approached us to help them craft a video showing its main capabilities: international money transfers, e-commerce payments, and payment via a tap or QR code at shops. The goal was to help customers and business owners embrace the digital world, even as small merchants in African nations. Click2view was tasked to bring these pointers to life in the form of a scripted story rather than a conventional voice-over-driven corporate video.


Click2view followed a day in the life story of a young Kenyan woman. She starts her day receiving a phone call from her dad overseas, who wishes her a happy birthday and asks her to treat herself with money he transfers via Visa. We incorporated several GFX overlays, such as a notification of an incoming call from her dad and an e-wallet balance.

Boarding a bus to return home after a jog, she purchases a dress online. Then, the video transitions to feature her shopping in a Kenyan market, where she buys accessories. Both transactions show Visa’s e-commerce and tap-to-pay capabilities.

The next scene focuses on the QR code payments as she pays for her cafe order together with friends. This is seen by a neighbouring shop keeper, who realises the ease of digital payments and immediately registers with Visa. The main character’s day ends in her living room, texting her dad to say thank you for the gifts. This message is also a GFX overlay.

We used the same video for the basis of a video of interviews with Visa CEMEA’s executives, where they reiterate Visa’s commitments to financial inclusion initiatives across the region by making it easier for customers to pay and merchants receive digital payments.

Shooting on location took four days.

“Production was halted midway through as the Kenyan military swamped the area targeting suspected terrorist activities. Not us, but , it was an experience working with all the different rules and regulations in Kenya,” said Alex Chua, Click2View’s senior content director who produced and directed the film.

The video can be seen here:


The video was still used after 3 years which usually transcend the average lifespan of video types like this. It was used as part of sales pitch, both internally and externally and was greatly and well received by all; that the messaging is clear.