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Visa APLM Videos

Client: Visa

Project Title: Visa APLM Videos


Visa is a world leader in digital payments, facilitating transactions between consumers, merchants, financial institutions and government entities across more than 200 countries and territories. Its mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, convenient, reliable and secure payments network, enabling individuals, businesses and economies to thrive.


Visa approached us to create multiple videos that would be played throughout its Asia Pacific Leadership Meeting. In this annual event, Visa invites its leadership, country managers, and leaders from different functions and business teams to come together in person from across the region to review the past year, set key objectives, network, and align on the direction of the business for the next financial year.

The videos include a teaser video, a sizzle reel, a “What’s the Deal” video series, and a closing/backstage video.


Teaser Video

For the short 20-second teaser video that served to get people to register for the event, we decided on text supers that included the words “Reconnect,” “Deep Dive,” and “Network”. These emphasised the three things that the attendees could look forward to doing at this first in-person APLM gathering in three years.

Sizzle Reel

The longer 90-second sizzle reel video served to give registered and potential attendees a better idea of what APLM is all about. We started with a look back at past events throughout the years, using still images and filmed footage that transitioned smoothly and overlaid with a happy beat to get them excited about the upcoming event.

“What’s The Deal” Video Series

We interviewed six executives for the What’s the Deal video to highlight Visa’s partnerships. The video was divided into three segments: an introduction to the business; how Visa has helped the company flourish; and what the executives have learned throughout the partnership.

We worked closely with Visa to decide which partners would be available for the “What’s the Deal” video shoot. The video was a typical Q&A video, with questions appearing before each answer. Surely, each interviewee was framed with Visa’s brand colours, blue and yellow.

Closing Video

The closing video consisted of a montage of happy and smiling faces during the event. We also asked a few participants to clap, which was later synchronised to an upbeat, happy song. Doing so shows that the event was a success and enjoyed by attendees.

We were required to record the whole event and chose to cut “happy” attendees that clapped along. Given the time constraints, we opted to cut on the same day of the event and make a simple transition from one happy attendee to the next.

We had a tight production timeline as all videos needed to be ready for the event. Therefore, we decided all videos were clean-cut and straightforward, with no special effects. We decided to play around with animation and typography for the teaser video and sizzle reel, incorporating pictures from previous APLM events.

When time is not your friend, a straightforward, simple approach is often the best solution—something that is easy to do and that you can do with one hand tied behind your back, no fancy graphics or visual effects that may take hours or days to complete, just like what we did on this project.


The video was well-received and was played during the event.