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Microsoft: Schools After COVID


Client: Microsoft

Project Title: Schools After COVID Amplification Campaign


Longtime client of ours, multinational tech giant Microsoft reached out to Click2View for help in pushing their digital efforts on social platforms.


Long before the pandemic struck, the education system had already been undergoing massive changes — COVID-19 only accelerated the process. Technology is postulated to transform how we teach and learn, but what is the best way?

Microsoft published an insightful article on how the world will move from a teaching culture to a learning culture, and aimed to reach as many thought leaders — who will be shaping the future of education — as possible.

Our job was to amplify this article on Facebook, and drive page views through link clicks on social ads.


We approached this campaign systematically, considering first the nature of the article and then the intended audience demographic who would find this article of utmost relevance.

Among numerous other keywords, this campaign was tailored to target those who have listed keywords such as “artificial intelligence”, “education”, and “information technology” as their interests on Facebook.

Featuring a single static image accompanied with one copy, we conducted rigorous A/B testing so as to ensure optimal performance of the social ads. Altogether, there were 27 unique ad variations made up of three different photos and three copies for each of the three countries.

Here is a sample ad mockup:


Targeting Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, the campaign was designed to run for one month from mid December 2020 to mid January 2021. The ads were featured in three prime locations on the platform, namely the newsfeed, in the sidebar as well as an instant article. These ensured the ads enjoyed a maximised reach.


The Facebook amplification campaign garnered close to 25k link clicks through the one-month campaign.

All three markets have a high click-through rate, pushing the average cost per click down.

Australia’s cost per click was lower than the typical average of US$0.60 – $0.80. The same was achieved for New Zealand, which has a cost per click that was lower than the usual US$ 0.55 – $0.75.

However, for this campaign, Singapore in particular performed very well, achieving the highest click-through rate, link clicks, post likes and post shares