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Workday HR & Inclusivity Panel


Client: Workday

Project Title: HR & Inclusivity Panel event coverage


One of Click2View’s largest clients, Workday is an on-demand financial management and human capital management software vendor. They provide real-time visibility into data and strive to equip their customers with the features, functions, and ability they need to keep ahead of company management.


Ever committed to further expanding their diversity and inclusion efforts, Workday organised a panel discussion with key industry experts to find out how they are doing to shape workforce cultures in order to build stronger employee engagement.

Our task? To film the entire discussion panel, and transform it into a variety of content deliverables: one full length panel video, one panel highlights video, eight cut down panel videos, one trend report, a couple of social assets like teasers for the videos, still image and copy posts, and even a podcast.


Considering the scale of the events, the first thing we did was to build a comprehensive master checklist to determine the workflow required from start to finish. By organising the tasks to be completed according to the event’s deliverables, we were able to divide and conquer — everyone knew what they had to do, and when.

Full panel discussion video

  • What it is: A video of the panel discussion that opens with a teaser reel that highlights key discussion points
  • How we filmed it: With two camera angles
  • What we included: Videography, photography & individual shots of the speakers



Shorter panel videos

  • What it is: Eight shorter videos meant for distribution on social media
  • How we filmed it: Trimmed and edited from full length panel discussion video
  • What we included: Cuts of interesting bites that were mentioned in the panel


Vox pops

  • What it is: Short clips of interviews with the individual speakers
  • How we filmed it: Recorded on the event day before or after the panel discussion session
  • What we included: Additional questions to find out their views on diversity and inclusion




  • What it is: Industry experts talking about HR transformation and how to engage the workforce of the future.
  • How we recorded it: Soundbites assembled from both the panel discussion and the vox pops of the speakers
  • What we included: A podcast script where the narrator introduces the subject at hand, as well as links speakers and topics to ensure a seamless listening experience




  • What it is: An executive summary of the panel discussion
  • How we wrote it: Reported on the five main trends discussed during the panel
  • What we included: Key quotes from the speakers that were supplemented with information from our own research, and infographics based on statistics that were discussed in the session



The content coverage for the Singapore panel can be viewed here. Similar content-first events were held in KL and Sydney and were successfully used to drive awareness and leads.