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J.P. Morgan China Centenary Video

Client: J.P. Morgan

Project: J.P. Morgan China Centenary


J.P. Morgan is a company that offers comprehensive financial services, ranging from investment and corporate banking, payments, markets, sales and research, securities services, commercial banking, and asset management. 


J.P. Morgan’s footprint in China began in 1921 and today has expanded to megapolitan cities that include Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

To celebrate their milestone 100th year anniversary in China, J.P. Morgan commissioned us to create a video to celebrate its long-standing position in the Chinese market. They wanted to highlight their history and transformation over the past century, while still instilling confidence that they can continue to drive innovations in the future. 

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To present them as a forward-facing company, we decided to develop a 3D animation video about China’s past, present, and future economy and how J.P. Morgan is always there to support it. The animation captivates the viewer from first to last second by its dynamics, saturation and clarity in visuals while communicating the values of J.P. Morgan’s investment, innovation and transformational growth.

We went through multiple revisions to get the tone and visuals just right. Ultimately, we established a shot of the Great Wall, an iconic and well-known China landmark, at the beginning of the video before having a steam train that transforms into a high-speed train to signify the transformation of today. The video continues with shots of current advanced technology in digital payment, manufacturing, healthcare and other sectors that J.P. Morgan invests in. 


The final video can be seen here: