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Eastspring Money Parenting Video Series

Client: Eastspring Investments

Project Title: Money Parenting Video Series



The Asian asset management business of Prudential plc, Eastspring Investments, provides a range of investment solutions, leveraging their strong footprint in the region since 1994. In 2020, Eastspring Investments launched its #MoneyParenting initiative, aimed at teaching parents how to equip their children with financial knowledge and skills. One type of content that was utilised for the campaign was videos.


Discussing money within the family has typically been taboo, especially in Asian cultures. But parents have started to realise the importance of financial education for children. Eastspring approached us to help it craft a series of videos highlighting this, where parents and children from different backgrounds discuss with an expert how their experience with money parenting has been, and get tips on how to do it better. 


We worked closely with the client to find a financial literacy expert and suitable profiles consisting of children from different age groups and races so that we could provide different varieties for the audience. We did pre-interviews to find out how they were teaching their children about money, what problems they faced, and what they wanted to know.

The video consisted of multiple parts to engage the viewers: the first was an interaction between parent and child, answering a series of questions about money or playing games. This was followed by the sit-down discussion with the expert. And finally, each video was concluding with a closing segment individually from the financial expert and the profiles, telling viewers what they’d learnt from each other and the expert that day. 


The videos are published on the Money Parenting portal with subtitles available in different languages.