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Eastspring #MoneyParenting Hub

Client: Eastspring Investments

Project Title: #MoneyParenting


In 2020, Eastspring Investments launched their #MoneyParenting initiative, aimed towards teaching parents how to equip their children with financial knowledge and skills.


Eastspring Investments had already commissioned a research study on 100,000 parents across 9 countries and contacted us to get our thoughts on the content they intended to publish around the research. Other than this research-based content, Eastspring was also looking to create original articles focused on money parenting. Choosing to start small for the first phase of the initiative, Eastspring engaged The Asian Parent (TAP) for content production.


However, they still wanted to work with us too. With our partnership through other projects, they believed that we would be best to oversee the content they would be receiving from the various agencies (the research consulting firm and TAP), and to make sure that the tone, language and style were consistent across all pieces.


Thus we undertook the role of Managing Editor for the Money Parenting website. We did the content strategy for the website, looked at the research they had to suggest article ideas, and planned out a content calendar to include original article ideas too.

Upon their approval, we commissioned TAP to write these pieces, and as Managing Editor, went through the drafts, gave feedback, and revised these before sending them on to Eastspring. Our role also entailed creating relevant visuals and infographics to accompany the various articles.

We also went through all 10 versions of the white paper that the research consulting firm wrote — 1 main piece for Asia and 9 others for each of the Asian countries involved in the study — and made sure that all content remained consistent across the board.

Aside from editorial tasks, we also managed communications between Eastspring and the agencies, kept tabs on money parenting trends up to the launch of the website, and helped to give advice on the wording of the persona quiz questions and the website layout.

Nearing the launch date of the site, we also put together a comprehensive social calendar that included the social copy that was to be used to promote the site on Eastspring’s social media handles.




Eastspring Investments’ #MoneyParenting initiative was launched successfully, with all the content published on their website. We are also in talks with them for how we can work together for phase two of the campaign as well.