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Eastspring Asian Fixed Income Campaign

Client: Eastspring Investments
Project Title: Asian Fixed Income Campaign

The Asian asset management business of Prudential plc, Eastspring Investments, provides a range of investment solutions, leveraging their strong footprint in the region since 1994.


Having worked with Eastspring on several projects before, we were approached to create a refreshed campaign for their existing Asian Fixed Income bonds.

Targeting the Singapore and Hong Kong markets, the idea was to increase brand awareness in B2B and B2C space, while sharpening their investment profile as an Asian Fixed Income expert.

The deliverables included one hero video for their site that introduced the bond, one animated video to encourage investing with Eastspring through the bond, two short videos that gave a glimpse into the everyday lives of two of their fund managers, and as well as social assets (key visual, carousel and ad banners).


Hero video

The purpose of the hero video was to demonstrate the expertise and teamwork of Eastspring’s fund managers, while capturing the essence of the relationships they share with their clients.

Tying into the tagline of “Bond with Asia, Bond with Eastspring”, we showcased this trust between the fund managers and their clients through a powerful text-driven video of rock-climbers.

Animated video

The animated video was crafted with the intention of encouraging investors to explore investing in the growing Asian bond market, with copy that focuses on the opportunities that abound in the region.

The creative direction of the animation follows a continuous line-art style where one scene leads into the next seamlessly, to bring forth the idea of the strength of these Asian bonds.

Fund manager videos

To convince the audience to trust in their expertise in the field, we wanted to humanise the fund managers by showcasing the inner workings of their minds, and how they make the decisive choices that shape their careers and their lives.

During the scriptwriting process, we interviewed the fund managers extensively, asking them about their daily routines, their hobbies, and what makes them tick. From their responses, we crafted a script that stayed true to their personalities, drawing organic parallels to their passions, work ethic, and the funds they manage.

Shot in multiple locations in just one day, we scouted for the most appropriate sets that could convey the identities and empowerment of both fund managers. For high yield fund manager Wai Mei, it was a studio modelled to look like a home — her passion is her family, while for sustainable bond manager Rong Ren, it was a gym — his passion is exercising.

The videos were narrated by the fund managers themselves. To ensure authenticity during filming, we also encouraged them to express the points in their own words if the lines didn’t feel like an accurate depiction of their genuine selves.

Social assets

One of the most important deliverables was the key visual, which would be the main logo for the campaign featured on all their Asian Fixed Income collateral. To emphasise “bonding” and “Asia”, we used a Chinese knot coloured in Eastspring’s distinctive geometric pattern.



Using similar motifs, we also created a seven-slide carousel that showcases the potential benefits of investing with Eastspring in their Asian Fixed Income bonds. These carousels were put out on their social media handles.


The campaign was a success, and the corresponding video assets can also be viewed on their microsite: https://www.eastspring.com/sg/afi