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Eastspring Greenhouse Bonds Myths Animation & Infographic

Client: Eastspring Investments

Project Title: Busting bond myths and getting returns from bond funds


Eastspring Investments, part of Prudential plc, is one of Asia’s largest asset managers. As a key content pillar, they host an education portal called Greenhouse on their main site that offers tips and tricks to budding ESG investors.


Eastspring Investments approached us to create a 60-second animated video and an infographic to shed light on what bond funds are and how they can provide a regular income stream for investors.

The storyline of the video had to make use of analogies related to growth and blossoming in order to illustrate the point of how bond funds are a reliable investment option that will help customers ‘grow’ their wealth in time.

In order to ensure a cohesive visual direction, this animated video was to keep to the same ‘sunflower’ theme that has been consistently used across the Greenhouse hub.

On top of the animation, we were also commissioned to create an infographic of three myths around bond funds using the same sunflower concept.


We sought to put a fresh spin on the animation through the depiction of a sunflower farm and the work it takes to tend to them and ensure that they grow well.

We proposed using the different aspects of growing sunflowers as a metaphor for the various investment conditions of bond funds, where the bond fund managers are represented by the ‘farmers’.