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Aon Select & Protect

Client: Aon

Project Title: Aon Select & Protect Series


Aon is a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement, and health solutions in 120 countries, empowering results for clients by using proprietary data and analytics to deliver insights that reduce volatility and improve performance. 


Aon approached us to assist them in creating a series of explainer videos about three products in their Select & Protect line; Critical Illness, Top-Up Medical, and Medical Protect. The critical illness videos would target Singapore and Hong Kong audiences; Top-Up Medical would target the Hong Kong market only, and Medical Protect would target the Singaporean market only.


We decided to go the animation route for the explainer video series as it is an effective and proven way to explain something new to the public. We also opted for first-person narrations for each video to make the scenarios more personable to viewers.

In our first video on critical illness, the main character was an average worker who has just been diagnosed with cancer — a critical disease that might impact one’s ability to work and provide for the family on top of the high medical bills. While stressed at first, he quickly remembered signing up for Aon’s Select & Protect: Critical Illness plan, making his treatment stress-free.

Meant for the Hong Kong market as well, we produced a localised version of this first video. It was not direct translations, but rather adjustments that we made to the script, and to the currency and the number of illnesses and payouts covered specific to the market. We also had a Cantonese voice-over artist, adding reliability to the audience.

As the name suggests, Top-Up Medical is supplementary insurance to your existing primary insurance, ensuring you are covered against ever-increasing medical bills. We opted for a scenario where the main character was visiting her friend at the hospital and found out that her friend had paid her bills out of pocket. This made the main character realise the importance of getting AON’s Top-Up Medical on top of her existing plan from her employer. As this was for Hong Kong audiences, a Cantonese voice-over was used to read the narration in the first-person, alongside English subtitles.

The last video was for Medical Protect, a plan that offers similar coverage to Top-Up Medical but for Singaporeans. In the video, the main character needed to remove his appendix due to appendicitis, an affordable procedure since his primary insurance and Medical Protect covered him. Again, this video highlighted a personal experience that everyone may go through, and how insurance comes in handy.

“Typically, when doing animated explainer videos, you will do them in the third person, so this project was a unique experience. I needed to make scripts in a character-driven story in the first person and end each video with a call-to-action,” says Artur, Head of Animation.


The video series was well received and was used in Aon’s email marketing campaign for the products.

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