Prudential Sustainability Report 2020

Client: Prudential Singapore

Project Title: Sustainability Report Animation


Prudential Singapore reinforced their commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals with a new ESG strategy that is fully aligned to their purpose of helping people to get the most out of life. 

Developed by their Group, it features three core pillars: accessibility, stewardship and capital. Each has differentiating focus areas — the ‘differentiators’ — where Prudential can make meaningful impact.


Similar to last year, Prudential Singapore asked Click2View to come up with an explainer-style animation video for their second Sustainability Report. This short video introduces the main pillars of their ESG strategy as well as the strategic enablers, all while highlighting the most interesting findings.

The goal is to give the audience a glimpse into the company’s sustainability efforts while enticing them to check out the full sustainability report on the website.


As always, we started our creative conceptualization process by developing a moodboard to help us better communicate our vision to Prudential. 

For this year’s report, we decided to go retro with a mix of red hues, minimal colour palette and grainy effect. Here is the moodboard we sent:

The client liked it but requested for different colours to be used to represent each section of the report, with varied shades and tones. For example, “making health and financial security” section was to be in various hues of red, and “building social capital” was to be in various hues of blue. All the colours were also adjusted to be in more minimalist and pastel tones. 

Once we aligned on the art direction, we wrote the script and crafted the storyboard, made illustrations, casted and recorded the voiceover, before finally animating the video and adding the music and sound effects.



Here is the animation video for the inaugural Prudential Sustainability Report we did last year: 


Video has been published on YouTube and social channels to help drive traffic to the website where viewers can read the full report.