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Workday Case Study Videos


Client: Workday

Project Title: Workday Case Study Videos 


Workday is a leading enterprise platform that helps organisations manage their most important assets – people and money. The Workday platform is built to help customers elevate people, supercharge work, and move business forward. Workday is used by more than 10,000 organisations around the world and across industries.


Video case studies are the ultimate engagement magnets, captivating audiences and potential customers alike. Recognizing this, Workday approached us with a mission to craft compelling case studies that would showcase its global clientele across various industries. These videos will be distributed on its website and social media channels.


In response to Workday’s call, we captured authentic testimonials from esteemed clients, including Taiwan’s China Development Financial and the leading lifestyle brand for gamers, Razer. 

Each video was tailored to encapsulate the unique experiences of these clients, highlighting the multifaceted prowess of Workday’s solutions. With attention spans in mind, we kept the videos within the sweet spot of two to three minutes, ensuring an engaging ride from start to finish. As Erik, our Producer and Account Director, aptly put it, “Short, impactful, and to the point.”

We adopted the Challenge-Action-Result (CAR) flow for our videos, providing a structured narrative easy to understand for the audience. This approach seamlessly navigated through the challenges clients faced, the actions facilitated by Workday solutions, and the remarkable results achieved. Not only did it offer a compelling narrative framework but it also facilitated a deeper understanding of the tangible benefits Workday delivers.


The videos were a resounding success, becoming one of their main content in social media to attract new clients and increased sales.

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