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CxO Indicator - AI and ML Infographics


Client: Workday

Project Title: CxO Indicator – AI and ML Infographics


Workday is a leading enterprise platform that helps organisations manage their most important assets – people and money. The Workday platform is built to help customers elevate people, supercharge work, and move business forward. Workday is used by more than 10,000 organisations around the world and across industries.


Workday approached us with the intention of putting their findings from research they had done about the projected evolution of the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region. They provided us with the full report of their findings, and tasked us with the creation of six infographics and six social static ads for Workday based on that research. 

The six places the client wanted to cover in these visuals were Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and the general APJ region.

The graphic design team comprised of Rainhard Susanto and Yusak Prahadi, and Jeko Iqbal Reza was in charge of copywriting. The project was managed by Rila Kristanti


The client’s brief only included text and tables with statistics, giving the C2V graphics team the freedom to determine the layout, style and design of the infographics. Apart from aligning the final products to follow the specified format or size requirements and adhere to the brand guidelines, the C2V graphics team had free rein over the creative direction of the designs to be featured. 

The team customised the graphics for each of the infographics according to the country being reported on.




Graphics were customised by country and served to preview the data captured in Workday’s findings

Rainhard said, “the main challenge was to present data graphically and include relevant illustrations that complement the charts, arranging everything into a cohesive and neatly laid-out design.”

The graphics team made sure that illustrations complemented the key messaging of the infographic. 

On the editorial front, our copywriter Jeko asserted that data mining did not pose a significant challenge because the client provided the editorial team with extensive guidance and data, all derived from Workday’s C-Suite Global AI Indicator reports. Initially, the deliverable parameters were focused on these guidelines, but they evolved over the course of the project. This was due to multiple revisions from the research firm, and we worked closely with the client to understand the nature of these revisions, which included detailed instructions on what needed to be updated.

To ensure that text and graphics were always synchronised, and the infographics would be coherent, Jeko maintained high levels of communication with the Account Director, Erik Magelssen, and the graphics team throughout the production timeline. 

Alongside the infographics, our team also created six static posts that were published on LinkedIn, accompanied by social captions promoting our client’s findings.

The LinkedIn ads included some of the graphics found in the infographics, but also a key finding that would hook the viewer to find out more about the study.


The client’s feedback was very positive, and the project was successfully completed. They highlighted that the Korean and Japanese Workday teams were particularly happy with the final product.