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Microsoft: Future of Work


Client: Microsoft

Project Title: Future of Work Amplification Campaign


With COVID-19, life as we knew it changed almost overnight. Microsoft, with research partners TechRepublic Premium, examined the impact of the pandemic on businesses and tech adoption, uncovered how a new ‘normal’ of work has since evolved.


They created an article within their online newsroom highlighting the most interesting parts of the study. This included an accompanying video showcasing a panel of experts discussing how work styles in APAC have been impacted, as well as a qualitative research study whitepaper that shares insights on the evolving new paradigm of work in Asia Pacific.

With the goal of driving link clicks and traffic to the article on the online newsroom, Microsoft approached us to help them with their amplification efforts.


After considering Microsoft’s target markets (Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand), as well as target audience demographic (C-suite level executives), we decided to proceed with an amplification campaign on two main social media platforms: Facebook and Linkedin.

For both platforms, each social ad includes a single static image along with one copy. To optimise their performance, we also conducted A/B testing with three different photos and three copies for two sets of audience targeting — we experimented with nine unique ad variations for each of the six target markets. In total, we had 108 ad variations.

Here are some sample ad mockups for Facebook and LinkedIn respectively:



Considering the nature of the topic, on Facebook we ensured that these ads targeted audiences with interest in: “cloud computing”, “home office” and “video conferencing”, “internet security” among numerous others. On LinkedIn, we targeted C-Suite individuals across a number of industries.


On Linkedin, the ads generated close to 600 clicks in total at a low average cost.

On Facebook, they generated close to 70k link clicks in total.