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Microsoft Stories Asia


Client: Microsoft

Project Title: Microsoft Stories Asia


As one of the leading global technology companies, Microsoft has introduced numerous innovative solutions and technologies to help people from all walks of life.


We were approached to help them create long-form journalistic pieces – part case-study and part life story – to paint a picture of how innovative technologies and inclusive practices have helped change lives for the better.

The stories don’t focus on the technical aspects of the solutions. Instead, the focus is on the human experience, highlighting how technology empowers.


In creating these articles, we worked closely with the Microsoft team to find story ideas, leads and interviewees within their APAC network. Then we matched the right journalist and photographer to bring out the human aspect of each piece.

The interview process was crucial to find the human side of the story. Where possible our journalists conducted face-to-face interviews asking thought-provoking, open-ended questions to entice thoughtful responses.

Images are just as important as the article and we wanted to capture the interviewee’s personality. We briefed our photographers extensively and more often than not they shot the perfect images to accompany a piece.


The stories that we’ve done have reached audiences worldwide. Microsoft Asia is satisfied with our quality of work, and we’ve kept this partnership up since 2018.

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