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Creating Event Videos For Deloitte


Client: Deloitte

Project Title: Highlighting importance of Deloitte in SEA


Deloitte is a global financial powerhouse and a valuable client. With offices worldwide, the brand has the tough task of trying to communicate effectively with one unified voice speaking to all its global audiences.


The goal was to try and show the international, but unified voice of Deloitte in Southeast Asia. The brand was planning a major event and wanted to showcase its offices and people at the event in the form of video content.

Deloitte wanted two videos: one to open and one to close the event. They also wanted to feature the 11 cities in Southeast Asia where it has offices. However, the budget for this project wasn’t big enough for Click2View’s crew to fly to each location to film content.


Our creative response was to first tackle the biggest problem of the brief: How do we create content from 11 cities without being in each location to capture that content? The solution was user-generated content.

We created a content plan that consisted of clear guidelines for Deloitte staff in all 11 locations, where we instructed them how to record their own voices and take self-portraits. We then created a joint account where all the content from various locations could be uploaded so our content producers could sift through the footage, edit it and create a powerful collage of video testimonials that was screened at the Deloitte event.

As the work was for an internal audience, we are unable to share a link.